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DONT HESITATE, CALL US TODAY 01443-524141. / 07865646660.

Contact Us: for Qualifications that can fast track experienced groomers in 2 weeks. Yes, that's  true!

Are you ready to follow your dreams?........... We are the ideal place to start.

Get qualified doing the best job on the planet.

CALL US NOW - 01443-524141

Dog Grooming Stainless Steel Bath, complete with Tray, basket, Shower Head and pull-out steps.   £1250.00. SOLD


Pink or Blue Brand-New Dog Grooming Tables

with H Bar. Scissor action.  £650.00 SOLD


We are proud members of ICMG U.K,B.I.G.A and The Groomers Spotlight, and can offer our students the chance to join this lovely family of talented groomers, We are a real family, and are here to help and support at all levels.

All you need is a super keen interest in dogs and dog grooming to become a member of the ICMG UK family.

At Our Dog Grooming School, we are dedicated to providing our students with affordable excellent training in all aspects of dog grooming. We have trained many people of all ages, from all backgrounds, who have achieved great things through our dog grooming courses. Whether you are following a dream of working with dogs, looking for a career change or want to brush up your skills.

The Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School is the place for you to call us. 01443-524141.

1. We supply and sell our own student scissors sets (set of 6  in a nice Scruffy 2 Fluffy case.

2. A smart set of 4 stripping knives, with posh wooden handles, in their own case.

3. We sell clippers at cost to our students.

4. Stainless Steel baths.

5. Electric Grooming Tables.

6. and so much more to help our students.


            !!  LATEST NEWS FLASH  !!

10 D ay Level 1 Foundation Dog Grooming Course

Course Code: S2FL1GROOM

Cost - £999.00 (9.30am- 1.30pm) 

Ideal for anyone wanting to develop their basic skills, and who may even wish to follow a career in dog grooming, This course is for the novice/beginner, newcomer student groomer. It is also for those groomers who have some confidence in grooming and want to either re-fresh their skills or do more practical grooming training on a variety of dog breeds, and coat types.

This course is the perfect length course for those students working around current employment and home life, as it provides you with a good foundation knowledge of the types of breeds that come into the dog grooming salon daily.

This is a fun learning course for those wanting to learn more of the basics of dog grooming, with the intention of may-be doing a longer professional dog grooming course, suitable for dog owners, dog walkers, pet sitters, assistant dog groomers, or anyone who loves dogs! its very suitable for those students who have completed a college type dog grooming course and need more practical working experience in a busy dog grooming salon environment.

This is a very popular practical course!!!! Booking is essential, please contact the salon directly.

the course outline and programme is as follows:

Controlling, handling and restraining animals,

Preparing and grooming dogs prior to bathing,

Safe bathing and correctly cleaning dogs,

Drying dogs and preparing coats for styling, distinguishing different coat types.

Basic trimming, clipping and scissoring of coats,

Cleaning and maintaining equipment used for grooming,

Maintain the cleanliness and bio security of the animal care, working environment.

Basic trimming of a dogs feet, sanitary areas and face.

Correct Handling of dogs with different temperaments.

GRAB YOURSELF A BARGAIN. You can add on days if you want to do one of our longer courses

New students to dog grooming may wish to study on a longer course OR experienced groomers whom have previously studied at a school or college and want to gain a recognised Level 3 Grooming Qualification, this options is delivered externally by well respected industry experts. If you are working as a professional groomer and have been thinking about doing a Dog grooming Qualification, give us a call, text or email.

We offer fully serviced accommodation on site, ask for availability. 

Welcome to Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School,- we are based in Bargoed, Caerphilly, Wales, CF81 8QQ.

Interested in our dog and pet grooming services?

Would you like advice or information on our Private dog grooming courses? we can run courses suitable for yourself, if you just want to do 1 week, or 2 and so on, we will cater for your needs.

Do you wake up every morning excited to go to work? If not, then its time  for a career change .

Dog Grooming will give you a sense  of achievement and is totally rewarding!

Our Grooming School is very different from other schools, we

will teach  you how to provide a full grooming service in as little as 4 weeks at a highly reduced cost. If you have been made redundant from work, ReAct Wales will help fund part of your course fees.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or if you would prefer call into our salon to view at anytime, we welcome visitors , so if you would like to pop in for a cuppa and a chat you are most welcome.

 We have years of experience in training clients to open their own dog grooming businesses or gaining employment within the Dog Grooming Industry.


Our Private Dog Grooming Teaching Values:

1. Our courses are taught by a very talent experienced grooming teacher who excels at all types of grooming.

2. We use Live Dog Models, which our lovely clients offer for Trainees to work on. 

3. At Scruffy 2 Fluffy you will always have a live dog model for yourself, from day one. No sharing one dog between the whole class.

4. We have a Great fun- filled learning Atmosphere - Our classes are taught in a relaxed, non-pressured atmosphere. You will feel like part of the family!

5. We try to keep to Small Class Sizes - We take no more than five students at any one time, so you can be sure you’ll get our full attention, and we can tailor the training to your ability level.

6. We can offer all the Business Advice - You’ll receive business advice including how to price for your services, how to get (and keep) clients, how to get insurance (and what you need to insure against), how to record your client’s details, where to buy equipment and how to maintain it.

7. We will teach you Everything You Need to Know - As well as practical grooming experience, with us you’ll learn the tools of the trade, product suitability, handling, nail clipping, ear plucking and technical, breed-specific clips.

8. Certification and Qualifications - Depending on the course you take, you will get either a ICMG UK Certificate or a signed Scruffy 2 Fluffy Private Dog Grooming School Dog Grooming School certificate at the end of your dog grooming course.

9. We always offer Post Course Help, advice and support - We remember what it’s like when we first started grooming and how daunting it can be but, don’t worry, we’re here to ease you into your new career and support you if and when you need it.


Corona Virus COVID-19.

Important Notice Update- Your health and safety are important to us.

This virus is still around, after 2 years so could everyone be vigilant, we will still continue to keep our salon, clean and disinfected.

Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School is committed in helping to contain and delay the spread of Coronavirus in the U.K

As you may or may not be aware, the Coronavirus can live on a dog's coat for up to 72 hours, and still be passed onto humans.

(PLEASE DO NOT - stroke other dogs, however tempting it May be)

Obviously, the welfare of your dogs is a paramount concern for me and my fabulous, hardworking team, it's extremely important for the pet's health and well-being, that YOU, do everything you can to try and prevent matting at home.

if you are concerned about this and need some help, advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me, by email.

I or one of my team will be happy to give you advice on caring for your dog's coat. so, in the meantime, please try to brush thoroughly and regularly to avoid matting.

from Paul, Chantel and the Team.



The Animal Welfare Act was passed in 2006 and represents the most significant change to animal welfare law in nearly a century. Under this Act owners have a legal duty to meet the five welfare needs of their pets and whilst in our care we as Dog Groomers also share the same responsibility. So, what are the "FIVE NEEDS", and do we make sure they are met.


You need to make sure your pet has a suitable place to live, providing an appropriate environment, shelter and resting area. If a animal does not have a secure shelter from rain, wind or bad weather or has no bedding, or the wrong kind of bedding, the person responsible for the animal is failing to comply with its need.

Whilst in our care, we will provide a safe, clean and secure environment with suitable ventilation.


You need to make sure your pet has the appropriate diet to maintain full health and vigour as well as the provision of fresh water at all times. If you provide a animal with food but its not the correct food for their needs, you are failing to meet this need. You may also be failing to meet this need if you provide food which makes a animal obese

Whilst in our care, we will ensure clean, fresh water is always available.


This need points to the provision of sufficient space, proper facilities and allowing your pet to exhibit behaviours which are as close as possible to those it would exhibit in the wild. for example, You need to ensure your pet has plenty of opportunity to rest undisturbed when needed, and to play with other friendly dogs or people. they must get the exercise they need to be fit, active and stimulated and opportunity for toileting when required.

Whilst in our care, we make sure dogs have regular toilet breaks and space to exercise.


You have a responsibility to make sure your pet has the company it needs, including the opportunity to spend time with other dogs and people or kept away from animals that they are fearful of or can lead to aggression You should ensure no pets are left alone for long periods of time or long enough for them to become stressed.

At Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School, we work on a one to one basis, so your pet is never left alone or housed with other animals they are familiar with.


You need to ensure that pain, disease or injury are prevented or that if they are not preventable, that any pain, disease or injury is quickly diagnosed and treated.

if you are responsible for a animal and its in pain and you chose to ignore it, and fail to seek treatment you are neglecting the welfare of the animal, and you are breaking the law.

At Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School we undertake a health check on each dog and safe handling of animals that enter our salon. We maintain a clean salon and ensure all our equipment is PAT Tested. We also keep a fully stocked First Aid kit and have completed training in Animal First Aid.

ALL Dog Owners have a duty of care and are required by law to ensure the welfare needs of their animals are met.


All our Dog Grooming Courses are currently offering a 10% discount. we are trying to help our students, take charge of their own lives, destiny and career options.

call us, we are here to help you 01443-524141


We offer the International Certified Master Groomer U.K qualifications for dog grooming professionals.

Our courses are ideal if you fancy  becoming a professional groomer.

All our courses are run at our Premises at Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School, within a working commercial salon.

this gives our students the realistic insight into how a dog grooming salon runs from day to day!


Our trainee students enjoy working on a range of different breeds, coat types and grooming styles. Prices are reduced to customers all dogs are fully supervised by our trained staff, and checked by our senior groomers before leaving. Please phone for more details.

Prices start from £20 small dogs, £25-£30 medium sizes dogs, £35-£45 medium to large dogs  £45- £65 for larger dogs. Dogs with extra matting, large over grown dogs etc...will be quoted a price for their grooms.

Other prices will vary depending on breed and coat type.


You might be leaving school in the near future and looking what to do next, or You might be in a dead end job, and want to change to something fun, or You might be a adult learner wanting something different and rewarding in your life.

Take a look at our Dog Grooming Courses, we offer on-site accommodation, Saturday half day classes. Just ask.

Whether you are looking for a Knowledgeable dog groomer, or wish to learn about dog grooming as a hobby or a career, you can rely on us at Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School to provide exactly what you need, we love dogs – all dogs, pedigree or pooch – and it shows. Our experience in pet grooming is unparalleled and ongoing we like to share what we've learned with our clients and students.

We offer several courses, from learning to groom your own pet to gaining all the knowledge required to start your own dog grooming business. All of our courses contain a high level of practical work, as we believe that a hands on approach is the only successful way to learn. The style of teaching at the school is relaxed with each student advancing step-by-step at their own pace. We seldom have more than four students at any one time to ensure that each student gets the one on one attention they deserve. Our aim is to provide an industry leading level of service and exceptional training to all our students who wish to learn dog grooming.


Students doing a grooming course with us can study flexible days to suit, or work in a block to get your course done, unlike other schools. We try and accommodate everyone's needs.

Telephone: 01443 524141 / 07572593548.


Open: Monday - Friday 09:30 - 15.30

Saturday 9.30 - 1.30pm

Sunday: Closed.

Suitable for all ages from students 16 years.

Our Grooming school offers a relaxed, uncomplicated adult learning environment that ensures everything you need to succeed is covered, a award winning tutor with years of invaluable experience. We know that sourcing quality training in the dog grooming industry can be frustrating and sometimes seems like your just going in circles. That's why we put so much effort into ensuring you find the answers to all your questions right here.

We have a continuous Flexible all year round student enrolments available, subject to space, we do try our best to accommodate our learners.

We appreciate your interest in Scruffy 2 Fluffy Private Grooming School and look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Smith (Owner/ Proprietor) 

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