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Our Prep Room, is fully equipped, with all the latest tools and equipment needed to learn to groom dogs.


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Our Services.

G.D.P R and The Dog Grooming Salon.

As apart of the new data protection act (GDPR), it is now important for us to explain what information we keep about you & your dog, how it is used and how it is stored.

The following information will be stored on our online secure booking system; Savvy Pet Spa. We do still hold paper based record system. Below is the information that will detailed on our online system:

- Details you have given us about your dog, your name and the veterinary practice you are registered with. Your contact details which you have provided including an emergency contact and email address.

- Details of the groom that has been carried out on your dog, equipment used, ears cleaned, nails trimmed etc

- Any dislikes your dog has e.g sensitive areas, any medical conditions, temperament of your dog etc

- Any lumps, bumps that may be found prior or during their groom.

These records are presently securely stored on our paper based records the online system will be , password protected system on our password protected computer which has Anti-Spy and Anti-Malware software. None of this information will be shared to any 3rd party.

Your surname, dogs name and your contact number are entered into our salon mobile phone so we are able to contact you about appointments. Our salon mobile phone is protected by a password and locked away when not in use.

Any non-returning client’s accounts will be destroyed within 2 years.

With immediate effect will be asking you all to sign our online form to ensure you agree to this information being held & stored. This will either be emailed or you will be asked to sign on your next visit.

Please keep safe and enjoy your pets during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you all for your cooperation during this time!


We love our friendly open door policy with our clients, who love seeing their dogs taken care of.


We support our students every step on their journey. we love to see students for filling their dreams.


We work in a stress free, happy light environment.

Here are some more frequently asked questions? About our Dog Grooming School.

Q. What if it takes longer than usual to learn some of the things you teach?

A. We monitor our students on a daily basis, the students write up there progress each day in their daily coursework manuals. The students will always work at their own pace, we do not chase anyone. this is because our courses are designed to build your skill and knowledge.

Q. Am I too old or too young for the course?

A. there is NO upper age limits and no, restrictions by previous abilities or otherwise to attend any of our courses. the only age stipulation we have is young students need to be over the age of 14 years old with parental permission

Q.I have additional needs, that might affect my course?

A. grooming is a very physical job and its important to be aware of your own capabilities, we are always available for help, support and guidance when needed.

Q. Will i be offered advice on setting up a dog grooming business as part of the course?

A. We can offer advice to all our students on setting up and running a dog grooming business. Business Management is a completely different topic and we advise you to seek advice from your local council, or take up a another small course after you have completed your dog grooming course.

Q.How many students are there at any one time?

A. Usually the ratio does fluctuate depending on the previous students, if they coming back do do something but you will always get to groom your own dog each day. we never have any more than 6 students per day.

Q. Do i need any equipment before I start my training?

A. NO!!! we have lots of equipment for you to try and test before you purchase your own. This gives you the chance to find out what you like and which tools you find most suitable.

Q. Can i buy my essential grooming tools from your Training School?

A. yes we offer our unique own brand of student start sets, stripping knives and grooming tools available at a reduced price.

Q. i have seen a cheaper course, why should i pay more or the same qualification?

A. like anything for sale in this world, quality, supply and demand dictates its value and above all the price. Training courses are exactly the same. You pay for what you get out of it, we don't cut corners, or drop our standards.

Q. Can I visit before signing up?

A. Yes we totally encourage our students to pop in and have a look around, even speak to current students, you can even have a cuppa and watch for a bit!

Q. do you offer a discount for people wanting to train together?.

A. yes we are able to offer a generous discount for students who book and pay together on our 30 Day Advanced dog grooming course.

Q. what kind of support can I expect from your Training School?

A. We will always ensure you have all the support you need, until you feel comfortable and confident enough to take control of your training and new business.

We also offer a Free collection and Delivery service for our special customers.

Please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.


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