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Why choose Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School?

We are very proud of our student and seen so many of them go on and achieve successful business, become motivational speakers and those just achieving their lifelong dreams.

We cater for complete novices to the world of dog grooming, for those wanting to build their skill, confidence and speed to those wanting to update and work on their own CPD, to those wanting to open their own lucrative businesses in a very rewarding industry.

We understand that accommodation is a important factor when choosing to study away from home and we try to ensure that the accommodation we provide is of the highest standard for you to be able to learn in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. Living in on-site accommodation is a brilliant way of meeting new friends and gaining confidence and independence. For the majority of our students this will be the first time away from home and we therefore make every effort to support students in their transition and make their experience as easy as possible. Most of our residential learners have loved their time spent with us, there are loads of attractions which are easily accessible by train or bus journey. We have a Morrison's Supermarket, Indian/Chinese take-away, post office, chemist, hairdressers, beauty parlours and loads more to keep you occupied.

Our fully furnished and serviced Accommodation costs per night just £10.00


15 Day Professional Career Course

Course Code: S2F15PROF


This is a 15 day /120-142 hours Full/part time course.

this course is a leap up from the Level 1 Foundation course, offering further hands-on practical experience, this is ideal for those students wanting to gain employment as a dog groomer. This course will appeal to potential employers, as it will show your array of skills learned.

Each student has their own individual workstation, with their own selection of tools, brushes, clippers and blade, and you work on your own dog, from start to finish.

From Grooming Novice to Professional Groomer!

Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming offers a unique training opportunity for exceptional individuals interested in a rewarding career in the pet grooming industry. You can be grooming in just over 3 weeks and ready to launch your new career.

This is the course you will need if your aim is to work as an assistant groomer or brush up on skills you already have. You will have 'hands- on' training from day 1 of the course on a wide variety of breeds and crossbreeds and will be ready to get started with your own business by the end of the course.

Please Note: you will be professionally trained - Not Qualified!

This course gives students a chance to cover the basics in dog grooming and the chance to handle a variety of breeds, big and small in a salon environment. You will also get to see and be involved in the day to day running of the salon, you will learn something new every day!

1. Clipping and Scissoring skills.

2. Correct methods of Bathing and drying.

3. demonstrate the ability to dilute shampoo correctly.

4. Preparation of coats - De-matting and brushing.

5. Correct handling & restraint of dogs.

6. Nail care, and ear cleaning, tooth care.

7. Health & Safety, Health checking, documenting,

record keeping, checking microchip  numbers.

8. Correct methods of clipping, trimming & styling.

9. Name grooming equipment and when to use it.

10. Demonstrate the correct use of the equipment when

grooming a dog.

11. Recognise Health and Safety Issues.

12 Identify Basic canine behaviour.

13. Identify different breeds and coat types

14. Welcome, receive and care for customers.

15.Take client bookings over the telephone correctly.

16. Dealing with client payments, card payments.

A record of skills and competency is recorded throughout the course in a manual that has theory homework and assignments, it is for the student to keep as evidence of training and skills acquired, this course can be taken part time around work commitments and on a Saturday morning. **************************************************************************

******* Our Most Popular Course. *****

30 Day (6 Weeks) Advanced Dog Grooming Course.

Course Code: S2F30ADVANCE (includes a qualification)

Cost: £3850 Time: 09.30–3.00pm.

Days of training Monday to Saturday. Flexible days to suite.


This course is open to those who wish to further their career in dog grooming. You will receive practical tuition on one or two dogs during the day and study theory in your own time/class time with the assistance of a comprehensive theory study workbook.

  • Advice on the correct grooming equipment & suppliers,
  • Dvd’s, literature continued support throughout the course
  • Access to internet and printer.
  • examination coursework. Subjects you will study:
  • Salon Equipment usage and maintenance.
  • Designing a Health Leaflet for your own customers.
  • Disposal of waste in the salon.
  • Record card and checking client's information.
  • Moving dogs safely within the salon.
  • Completing Daily Worksheets correctly.
  • Health checking, handling & Well Being of animals in our salon.
  • Health and safety at work. legislation, Codes of Practice
  • Basic dog first Aid in the salon.
  • Breed and coat recognition.
  • Grooming salon business management.

This course is very popular and extremely suitable for beginners or those with little experience who wish to enrol directly onto a recognised Dog Grooming Exam, after completion of training. It is ideal for those who wish to work through the qualifications at their own time and start up their own dog grooming business or secure a job as a Dog Groomer.

Please Note : If students want to do a Certified Dog First Aid Course (this is a optional extra) the cost £45 includes a Certificate.

A comprehensive Training manual included as well as a daily coursework book!

Exam 1. Certified Professional Groomer CPG /

          2. The Certified Professional Groomer CPG. *************************************************************************

To apply is simple just Email, using the contact form on the website and ask for the next available grooming training dates or phone us on 01443-524141

Attendance: Days can be booked at any interval to suit the student or carried out in a block.

1) PLUS: we will give you a student starter kit.

2) PLUS: A Comprehensive Work and study Book.

3) PLUS: loads of help and support! ************************************************************************

45 Day All Inclusive Dog Grooming Course.

Course code: S2F45Inclusive.


All of the above is includ ed PLUS loads more!

I ncluded in this course is tuition in HAND-STRIPPING, when we have suitable dogs. This is a specialised skill which, unfortunately, is also becoming a rarity in many grooming salons. You will gain experience in how to identify the breed and coat type which will benefit from being hand-stripped rather than clipped, and you will have the opportunity to learn and perfect this simple technique. Beyond the skills of grooming you will gain experience in client relations and will receive a comprehensive work file which will assist you to get your business up and running. Dog grooming is a specialised industry which has different needs when considering such things as insurance, advertising, location, equipment etc.We add homework assignments to our daily work, which help the students work towards achieving great exam results .

This is a intensive course especially on the practical training side, and students learn to work in a very busy salon environment and learn to adapt to various grooming scenarios which can only be experienced in a working salon day.

1) First-Aid - Find out the types of first-aid situations which may occur and how these should be dealt with.

2) Breeds, Appearance & Condition and Trimming - Learn how to plan work according to the client's request, the breed of dog and its appearance.

3) Condition of the Work Area - the importance of maintaining the condition of the work area in the salon

4) Environmental Damage & Waste - Learn about the possible environmental damage that could occur and how to respond.

5) General Health, Welfare & Preventative Care - Describe how to promote the health and general welfare of animals and minimise stress.

6) Records & Importance of Keeping Records - Find out why records are required for management and legislative purposes and the importance of maintaining them

7) Legislation & Codes of Conduct - Health and Safety legislation, animal welfare legislation & codes of practice.

8) Nutrition & Exercise - Learn why animals need exercise and how the type and amount varies at different stages in an animal's life.

This is a 45 day /270- 350 plus, hours full time course.

A record of skills and competencies is recorded throughout the course by the student to keep as evidence of training and skills acquired.

1) PLUS: We supply you a dog grooming starter kit.

2) PLUS: A  Comprehensive Work and study Book.

3) Dog First Aid Course and Certificate is included.

4) Registration for ICMG.

5) Track 1 CPG part 1 and CPG 2

6) Track 2. Advanced Certified Professional Groomer.

On completion of the course,  you will be awarded a training certificate from Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School. (You complete your qualification, in your own time).


Ou r courses have been personally designed by myself, to suit every inspirational groomer out there, no matter what their current skill level, age,or ultimate goals in life are.we pride ourselves in offering a fantastic learning experience and encourage our students to come and visit us and take a look around our school.

we will support you every step of the way with our lovely skilled and trained team. Come and learn with us, to follow your dream of working with animals.

The Beginners Taster Session

Course Code: S2F1TASTER

Course Cost £80-00. 3 HOURS 

Pre-Requirement : Non except a love of dog s.

Dog grooming involves long periods or standing and can be heavy work, so we recommend all students are physically fit and up to date with your Tetanus jab!

Firstly, we recommend a Taster Session. Which is a brilliant Salon experience day.

This session is aimed at those students who wish to learn more about a career in dog grooming and this day course is used as an induction to the grooming courses we run to see if grooming is the career for you. You will get some hands-on experience throughout the session to see what grooming all is about and get an introduction into grooming basics, what you will learn on the Taster course, is you will observe other groomers at work, be able to ask questions.

We will also give you all the information you need to get you started , you can ask us all the questions you need!!!

Course duration: 1 x 3hr session 9.30am-12.30pm

Its an induction into dog grooming and is de-ducted off booking a full grooming course. Ask for more details


Our Dog grooming Cou rses are run for everyone with a love of dogs. No experience needed! Stress free and fun learning environment.

T​hinking of a change in Career? Do you want to become a professionally trained dog groomer, having the freedom of your own business, own working hours, we have a wide range of courses, we have developed to help you choose, we can even get you your City and Guild Qualifications, if you choose to do them, from date of registration you have 2 years to complete.

Looking for something different with huge job satisfaction?

Hands on training, support, advice given after your course, you can be grooming in just 4-6 weeks training, to launch your new career.

          Then Dog Grooming may just be for you!!

All courses are intensive hands-on practical grooming from day one and enable students to learn the skills necessary to work as a commercial groomer with a max of 4 students on any practical training day.

We have a wide range of training dogs or students can arrange to bring dogs of their own to train on, the student will learn to grasp grooming techniques to produce not only breed standard but personality trims to set your styling apart from the rest.

Students work in a modern open plan salon, we have 2 baths, all our grooming tables are electric, cabinet dryer, blasters, finishing dryers, clippers, scissors, blades, tools etc....for use by our trainees.

Training runs all year-round Monday to Friday and some Saturday morning training days are available all courses are flexible in attendance and tailored to suit so you can attend 1/2/3/4 days per week full or part-time.

We offer continuous advice and support for all our past students, take a look at our recommendations.

Students are provided with our own unique comprehensive manuals and styling charts designed exclusively for our courses. We have a passion to help others achieve their dreams and improve the grooming standards of the industry.

Dog Grooming For A Living.

Want to groom for a living in your own business? Be your own boss? Work with dogs? Do you have the desire and drive, to turn your love of dogs into a chosen career. Our professional career course is your pathway to start your own grooming business. Scruffy 2 Fluffy Pet Parlour offers private training in a small well-equipped  salon and designed to provide you with the skills you need to start your own dog grooming business. Your time will be spent working with the dogs, supplied kindly to us by our clients. Our private grooming training courses in dog grooming allow for a few students per course, with one tutor in attendance to ensure intensive and individual tuition. Students work with the most up to date equipment in air-conditioned  training facilities. Experience in a wide variety of breeds will be attained. Contact us to join one of our private dog grooming courses today...A life changing career could be yours!!

If You love dogs and you enjoy caring for them. Why not turn this passion into a career in dog grooming? you can do this alongside, being a dog walker, a pet sitter, the work in this sector is endless you could be working as a professional groomer, either for yourself or in a grooming salon, vets, pet shop, kennels and much more. Even better still you could be on your way to opening your very own pet grooming business.

The training you can obtain from Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School, will give you the sound footing required to set yourself up in a grooming business. Furthermore Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming, will help you with setup advice and guidance on all things related to running a successful grooming business.

Why wait? Get in touch now and begin your journey toward a new professional career in pet grooming.

            Take The Next Step – Call for  A Friendly Chat.

We understand that this is a big decision, and you might be unsure. We recommend that you give us a call for a quick and friendly chat. We will be happy to tell you a bit more about the courses and answer any questions that you may have.


Where  to start your Career training?

Dog Grooming Taster Session- 3hrs session see what grooming all about trial training session and introduction into grooming is, information on set up costs of equipment, PLEASE ask us all your questions.


1 Day Hand Stripping Course -£180.00

no discount on this course.

Hand stripping is the process of pulling out the dead outer coat of "wired-haired "or "Rough-coated" breeds by hand rather than cutting the hair with a clipper. Hand stripping allows a new coat to grow in. It does not hurt the dog.

Hand stripping maintains a proper wire coat, while clipping makes it soft and ruins the texture. Without the outer wire coat, the coat colour will change and fade.

OR Owners c an bring their own dogs and learn how to groom them it could be 1 day up to 3 days training.

this course will give your hands on skill, perfect for a owner wishing to learn to do their own dogs, or a professional groomer wanting to learn "How to do it properly".

This technique can also be done on other breeds.

further days can be added on for £100 per day.

Call us 01443-524141.

20  Day Groomers Assistant Course: (includes a prepping qualification)

Course Code: S2F20GAC.


Our 20 Day Groomers Assistant Course will help the students cover most of the modules needed for their first theory examinations, you will learn all the skills you will need to work under supervision in a dog grooming salon, to complete this qualification you will need to complete some mandatory and optional assignments, these include the following.

  1. Bathing, cleaning and preparing dogs correctly.
  2. Correct drying methods, use of equipment.
  3. Correct procedures for brushing, de-matting etc.
  4. Recognition of health problems in dogs.
  5. Correct ear cleaning and nail trimming.
  6. Clipping, trimming and scissoring, use of tools.
  7. Health and safety in the salon, codes of practice in a dog
  8. grooming salon.
  9. Handling payments from clients.
  10. Correct Controlling and restraint of dogs
  11. Practical and theory assessments for the qualification.
  12. Students will be registered, and receive their study book and assignments to complete for their examinations in their own time
  13. Exam - Certified Professional Groomer CPG Track 1

We are a Grooming School, which offers dog grooming courses tailored to the individual student's  needs.

Please Note : If you do the 6- or 8-week grooming courses, please don't expect to be "Qualified" once you have finished the training, you will be professionally trained. To be qualified you will need to do your exams, students can do their exams in their own salons, which we can help and advis e you on.




1) All our courses run Monday to Friday throughout the year. Just let us know which dates suit you and we inform you of our availability. We make every effort to help you.

2) You will receive a dog grooming certificate enabling you to set up your own dog grooming business or work for an established salon.

3) We will train you to a high standard so you're confidently able to groom any dog you meet.

4) Our aim is to teach ethical and practical skills to those wanting to set up their own dog grooming business and gain a reputation as a highly skilled, trained and caring dog groomer

5) If your dream is to become a dog groomer, that's exactly what we'll help you do!


Aaron Farmer of Bobbys Kennels trained with us, and thorougly enjoyed his grooming training, as did we, we got to play with Merlin a little Welsh pony too.

Aarons comments, This was the best choice for me at the time as I was working a full time job, so Chantel managed to fit me in and around her work schedule, to benefit both of us, best disission i made and i now have a fabulous dog boarding kennels offering grooming sessions to my clients.


Menna Evans reviewed Scruffy 2 Fluffy Pet Parlour & Dog Grooming 5 star training school- Highly recommend!! ·

I spent 4 weeks training here and loved every moment of it. S2F is a professional, 5* dog grooming salon. I can only hope that my new business is of the same calibre! Chantel is a great instructor who makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. In my opinion, it's the best place to train if you want to run your own business as you train in a real life salon, dealing with dogs of varying personalities. Chantel also organises other courses at the salon (first aid, bite prevention, microchipping) as well as doing a C&G in dog grooming. It's so hard to find one of the courses in Wales let alone all of them together! Can't wait to come back in the Summer now to complete those too. It has given me so much confidence and is a great start in my new business. Thank you so much Chantel. Miss you! X

our student recommendations

I have just completed a 3 week training programme at this salon where I have been taught on a 1:2:1 basis all aspects of dog grooming. Chantel was a gem and made me feel very welcome. She was patient, informative and complementary, always providing feedback on how to improve, where necessary. Her approach is non obtrusive yet she has eyes everywhere observing your work which is comforting to know. Thank you for everything, I have been taught all the skills to now open my own salon and I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. Thanks to all my 4 legged friends too, it was a pleasure x Sarah Williams Pampered Paws.


My name is Rebecca Saunders-Reed, i came to Scruffy 2 fluffy dog Grooming to do a part time 2 week dog grooming training course, as me and my friend are dog walkers based in Radyr, Cardiff, we wanted to know the basics of grooming our clients pets, ive just finished my 2 weeks and now have booked to do another 2 weeks as it is a fabulous job!!!!! Chantel is kind, patient and manages to see things I dont, she is always onhand to supervise her students whilst running a busy dog grooming salon herself.I would definetly recommend Chantel and Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming to anyone wanting to take the plunge into the world of Dog grooming.

Louise Wylie

1 October 03:49

I have just completed a 2 week intensive dog grooming course with Channel (Scruffy 2 Fluffy). Chantel delivers a very professional course both on practical terms and in theory. I was given a comprehensive file giving me all the information you need to start grooming. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of dog grooming and would thoroughly recommend it. I would advise that you book asap as she is very popular. Louise


My name is Jane Rees, I did a 4 week Dog Grooming Course with Chantel and Paul at Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School, I also completed a dog first aid course. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the training course, Chantel is a very kind, caring, teacher, she helped me overcome my shyness, I have come back to do some volunteering in her salon, and love it.

J. Rees March 2017, I have now signed up to get my C&G Level 3 Grooming qualification, which will be done with Chantel at Scruffy 2 Fluffy.

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