Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School.

Dog Grooming Services

The price list is only a guideline, and prices may vary depending on several contributing factors. e.g. the size of the dog, the coat condition, and behavior. these factors all add to how long it takes to groom your dog properly, safely and kindly. We WILL NEVER 

rush a dog through the grooming process.

Each dog is assessed on an individual basis and prices are adjusted accordingly. Please be aware that if your dog is over-due for a grooming appointment, and/or has a matted coat, they will take longer to groom, therefore you may be charged more than the price stated on the price guide or quoted prices over the phone without seeing the dog!

There are at least 360 recognised breeds of dog, and uncountable cross-breeds, We are happy to groom all breeds and cross-breeds.

1) SILVER VIP PAMPER ( Bath,Brush & Blow -dry)


2 x warm baths followed by towel off with our freshly laundered towels, thorough brush out, fluff dried with appropriate technique and blow dry for breed type, ears cleaned and nail trim. Paw Balm, facial treatment, spritz of cologne.                                      Prices from £25 depending on breed and coat type. Other charges may apply.

2) GOLD LUXURY PAMPER ( Full Groom for Long and short coats)


2 x warm baths, aromatic and organic shampoo, Deep coat re-moisturising conditioner, towel dry, warm blow dry, sanitary clip, nail trim, paw and nose balm, ears cleaned, coat brushed, clip/style to your requirements, we also add a little finishing touch with cologne and a bow on collar.We now offer our De-shedding treatment, and De-matting treatment - ask for details.

Prices from £30 depending on breed and coat type. Other charges may apply.  

Dematting is charged minimum of £10

De-shedding is charged minimum of £8.00   

Hand-stripping £30 (Can only be done on specific coat types)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Includes all of the above, PLUS ..... the following extras can be added to your dogs pamper package :Ideal for doggie birthdays, Christmas Treats. We also offer puppy pamper parties.

a) Spa aromatherapy steam bath £10-£20 depending on size of dog

b) Organic Spa Sea Salt warm soapy bath  £10

c) Coat colouring £20 full dog (additional charge of £8 for each additional colour used)

d) Nail polish £10

e) Blueberry facial including head massage £10..

f) Dead Sea mud bath £10 small dog, £15 medium dog, £20 large dog

g) Pawdicure paw wax and massage  £10

h) We offer our clients the Nagayu O2 Spa Rinse  £5 per dog.

4) The Puppy Paws Package

At Scruffy 2 Fluffy we do puppy grooming training sessions, to prepare your puppy for their regular grooming sessions, as he/she grows. Grooming for a puppy is an absolute must! If your pup needs to be groomed professionally, the best time to start is after they have had all their puppy shots. This is typically around 16 weeks of age. These short burst sessions introduce your puppy to the scents, sights and sounds of the grooming salon in a calm, positive, praise-filled manner. Complete with playtime (and treats with owners permission).We start puppy visits from £10 small pups, £15 medium pups and Large Pups £20, which is based on the size of the puppy.

a) Luxury Puppy Shampoo

b) Paw and nose balm

c) paw tidy, sanitary and nails

d) ear clean

e) tear stains removed

5) The Student Training Groom

We are proud of our grooming school and enjoy giving people the chance to learn grooming techniques in a real world salon environment. All student grooms are carried out under the supervision of the head tutor, as well as our resident Dog Groomer. Student grooms are priced from £15 for small breed dogs, to £25, and £35 for larger breeds. These appointments are limited, please ensure you clearly request 'Student groom' when you make your booking, otherwise groom will be carried out by a qualified member of staff and full charges will apply.

6) Additional services:

  • Ear cleaning, (plucking if needed) - £5 (free with full groom)
  • Nail trim  - £10 (free with full groom)
  • Paw and pad trim only - £10
  • Face trim only - £15
  • Face/Eyes/Brows and paw trim only - £18
  • Paw and nose balm treatment - £5
  • Coat clipping, no bath - £25
  • Scissor styling, no bath - £35
  • Sanitary Clip Tidy Up - £8.
  • Flea bath only - £5
  • Collar and lead washing - £2
  • Conditioning treatment with 15 minute Gentle Head and Body Massage - £15
  • Facial Scrub with our Blueberry SPA treatment- £5
  • Microchip - £10 when booked with full groom
  • Microchip only - £15
  • Targeted De-matting - removing matting from areas, under elbows, behind ears,around back end - £8 per area.
  • General De-Matting Service - if your dog has a few mats in different areas we will spend time slowly removing these.
      please Note - We always put the Welfare of the Dog in our care First.
  • All strip/clip off of coats will start from £25 depending on breed, size of dog and coat type.

                                        ALL DOGS IN  WALES ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE MICRO-CHIPPED.


As Qualified professional groomers we consider every pet individually. When pricing our jobs we take the following factors into consideration:

  • Breed and coat type
  • Size of dog
  • Grooming history
  • Stage of the coat and its condition
  • Medical conditions
  • Dog's age
  • Dog's behaviour
  • Gender and neuter status
  • Dog's purpose (family pet, breeding dog, show dog, working dog etc.).

Grooming is a passion for us here at Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming, no matter what type of dog, we have consider each of these factors to determine the levels of work required. As such, all our prices are GUIDE prices i.e. prices starting from, this is not to be intentionally vague. We do not want to over charge you, neither do we wish to underestimate our work. Once we have seen your dog and have been able to assess the above we can give you an accurate quote.

We highly recommend booking in advance as we are a fully established busy salon. Collection and delivery of your pets can be arranged at time of booking, local collections are FREE of charge. Any collections further a field will be charged for.

Walk in customers, we welcome you and your dog, however waiting times are normally about 3 hours!  payment will be charged as full grooms.