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two terriers after a groom

We take your dog from scruffy to fluffy in no time!

An ICMG UK, B.I.G.A and The Groomers Spotlight-registered dog grooming salon run and staffed by people who have a genuine love of dogs - and an unwavering passion for the highest standards of pet grooming.

FREE collection for all clients

Student Grooms from £15 - £35

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Here at Fluffy 2 Scruffy, pet grooming isn't just our job - it's our passion!

At Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming we offer a flexible approach to pet care, either at short notice or as an ongoing service to you and your pets.


Our aim is to create a home-from-home feel and offer your pet as much care, fun and attention as we possibly can. None of our clients' dogs are caged, or kept in our salon for longer than is necessary. We provide a pet care consultation which is free and enables us to get a better understanding of your pet's needs so that we can provide the best, most suitable and professional grooming service possible.


Our services include:

  • Small pet grooming (rabbits, cats etc.).

  • Wash and go service

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear plucking; we will clean the ears.

  • Microchipping

  • Clipping

  • Pet styling and scissoring

  • Puppy grooming familiarisation visits

Shih Tzu in the salon

Our dog grooming services include:

A de-matting service can be offered to clients whose animals are of suitable age, condition and temperament, depending on the severity of matting. Please note that causing animals pain and/or suffering during this procedure is in contravention of the new Animal Welfare Bill.


De-matting can avoid the total removal of the coat and enables groomers to achieve the style and shape for the breed. This service may incur an extra charge depending on the extra time required for the procedure.

All animals benefit from an occasional bath and, at Scruffy 2 Fluffy, our groomers are specifically trained in this sphere—with the health and safety of both animal and groomer being a priority. Only top-of-the-range shampoos and conditioners are used throughout the grooming process. Our range of shampoos ensures the very best for your dog's coat.

Dogue de Bordeaux waiting to be groomed

Shampoos include!

Calming for excitable dogs. Uplifting to refresh and vitalise

For irritated skin

For sensitive skin

Safe, shampoos to deter 'unwanted visitors'

Luxury Conditioning
For dry or brittle hair

Colour Enhancing
Brings out the best of your dog's colour

Odour Eliminating
For 'rollers'!

Keeps wiry or silky coats as they should be

poodle after a groom

Hand Stripping
This is a technique used to thin, style and shape the coats of wire-haired dogs or silky haired gun dogs. It is essential that dogs destined for the show ring are hand stripped, but there are many benefits for pet dogs. Hand-stripped dogs retain the correct coat texture (making the coat easier to keep) and coat colour remains stronger and brighter. Correctly done, it causes no pain to the dog and they often fall asleep during the procedure!

Removes excess hair from certain areas of a dog's coat to give the required shape and style for the breed, enhancing the breed's desired characteristics. Clipping also provides a pain-free method of removing matted hair.


At Scruffy 2 Fluffy, styling is an art. Each dog is considered as an individual and is styled depending on numerous criteria including the owner's wishes, the condition of the dog and its coat, and the dog's physical shape. Most dogs are given a style representative of their breed, but sometimes we can offer a more 'avantgarde' look, especially for mixed breeds.

Nail trimming is included as part of a full groom as we believe that nail care is essential to a dog's wellbeing. Nail services include cutting, filing, condition treatments, buffing and glamour polish.

Coat and skin examination
Our groomers all have training in recognising basic parasites and skin problems in dogs, both for the dog's health and the groomer's safety. If, on examination, one of our groomers finds a coat or skin problem, the client will be advised to seek the advice of their own vet for treatment and assessment. 

Flea treatments
If, during examination of the coat, or at any time during the grooming procedure, one of our groomers finds that your dog has fleas, it will be given an insecticidal bath, as will all other animals on that day. On your return, we will give you follow-up advice on treatment and control of fleas.

Puppy Grooming Training
Puppies should be introduced to a grooming environment as soon as they have finished their course of vaccinations. It is important that the animal is used to having all the normal grooming procedures done, as to trim the feet and face it needs to stay as still as possible to prevent injury.

two dogs waiting patiently for a groom
Had my poodle done today 100% happy great service very happy customer, thanks for sorting Ruby out for me.
Diane Byron, Facebook reviewer
two dogs being groomed at once

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We groom dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments. We even groom cats and other small animals!

Give Scruffy 2 Fluffy Dog Grooming School a call now to book your pet in for a groom in our friendly, relaxed, hygienic and professional salon environment.

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